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St. Lawrence University 2019
Day Camper July 21 to 27 $275/$50 deposit
Competitive Overnight/ Boarder Camper July 21 – July 27 $725/$150 deposit
Junior P (age 11-12-13) July 22 – July 27 $950/$200 deposit
Senior Elite (age 14+, 8 days) July 20 - 27 $1,050/$250 deposit
Mighty Mites (age 5 – 8 ) July 22 to 27 $175/$25 deposit
Advance Goalkeeper $950/$200 deposit
Lake Placid Day Camp 2019
Day Camper (age 8 – 18) July 8 – 12 $225/$50 Deposit
Mighty Mites (age 5 – 8 ) July 8 – 12 $150 Deposit $25
Tupper Lake Clinic (age 8 – 18 ) July 15, 16 and 17 $165 Deposit $25
SPECIAL SALE: now $95 for the camp if signed up by Sunday July 14th !!!
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Roommate requests: Lake Placid Soccer Centre takes requests for specific roommates, but it cannot guarantee them. Rooming information will not be given out prior to the start of camp. Requests for room changes are reviewed each Sunday evening only.
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IMPORTANT: If you register online, you still need to fill out a
medical form and mail it in or bring it with you to camp.
Download the medical form here.

I understand that Lake Placid Soccer Centre is not responsible for accidents resulting in medical, dental or other expenses, including loss of personal items. The camp participant will be held responsible for all property damage and may be sent home without a refund for violation of camp rules. The applicant must be in good health and be able to participate in the physical activity of a vigorous program. A health form to be completed by the applicant's physician will be sent with the camper's confirmation letter and must be presented before or on arrival at the camp. A non-refundable deposit is required for this application to be accepted, with the balance due on or before the first day of camp. In the event I cannot be reached, it is permissible for LPSC, to have a doctor/hospital treat my child for medical reasons.
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