1983 - Sid Goodrich is brought in to spearhead LPSC's need to start specialized goalkeeping training.
Gerald Motepane (14 years old) a black South African spends two weeks after winning a skills contest organized by Sir Stanley Matthews.
It is a further 11 years before the abolishment of apartheid. May 1994 was the date when a democratic non-racial government took office in South Africa, with Nelson Mandela as President.
Long Island University, coached by Arnie Ramirez, prepare for the upcoming college season at the camp. LIU were ranked the #1 NCAA Division 1 team in the nation in the 1983 pre-season poll.

Action from a pre-season scrimmage held at the camp with the LIU Blackbirds taking on the powerhouse Plymouth State from New Hampshire.

Sir Stanley Matthews and Gerald Motepane at camp

Kenyan Nygel Abuto Nygonj (LIU) poses with Gerald Motepane. In 1983 Nygel was the Guinness Book of World Records juggling champion (85,460 times!).