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Dawn to Dark – Lake Placid Winter Games 1982-2004

2000.- Champions: Men’s Open – CT All-Stars, CT / Men’s Over 30 – Coliseum, Utica, NY Men’s Over 40 – Coliseum, Utica, NY / Women’s Open – NY Life Force Women’s Over 30 – Brentwood / Coed Division – CT Bomb Squad, CT         Brentwood took the Women’s Over-30 title     […]

Dawn to Dark – Lake Placid Winter Games 1982-2004

1982 Lake Placid Soccer Center trials an indoor soccer at the October fest event in the Olympic 32 Rink. With the trial an unprecedented success LPSC goes on to purchase an indoor carpet and goals from the now defunct Hartford Hellions of the MISL. 1983.– “First Annual Lake Placid International Indoor Soccer Tournament” debuts with […]

Lake Placid

The small village of Lake Placid has twice hosted the Winter Olympic Games in 1932 & 1980. Lake Placid is also the home to the Eastern USOC Training Center. There is a receptive atmosphere for athletes and sport in the Olympic Region. L.P.S.C. has developed soccer, the world’s most popular sport, in the Adirondack Region […]


  • Dawn to Dark 1982-2004

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