Dawn to Dark – Lake Placid INDOOR SOCCER 1982-2004

1982 Lake Placid Soccer Center trials an indoor soccer
at the October fest event in the Olympic 32 Rink.
With the trial an unprecedented success LPSC goes on to
purchase an indoor carpet and goals from the now defunct
Hartford Hellions of the MISL.

1983.– “First Annual Lake Placid International Indoor Soccer Tournament” debuts with two divisions – the Men’s and Women’s Open. In the Men’s final the Cape May Celtics from N.J. down the British All-Stars whilst the Women’s tourney is won by the Boltra Bolts from Massachusetts.





Winners of the Women’s Division Boston’s Boltra Bolts









Director Larry McFaddin hands over the silverware to the winners of the inaugural tournament – The Cape May Celtics.

1984. Champions: Men’s Open – British All Stars  Women’s Open – George Mason University

The profile of the indoor tournament was raised with help from our friends at America’s number one soccer publication – Soccer America. Here is the April 12th cover from that year.





In the first 8 years of the tournament the British All-Stars were a mainstay of the play-off scene. The team was an assortment of NCAA college players of British Nationality, who were currently studying in the USA. Many who went on to play pro ball.

1985.- A Thanksgiving Youth Soccer Tournament was trailed at the Olympic Arena.
Soccer America co-sponsors the indoor tournament with
Nike Soccer. USA Women’s team star – Kris Lilly plays in the tournament.







The organizing committee poses in front of the welcome banner at the second tournament.

1986.- Champions: Men’s Open – Chicago CLASA Women’s Open – George Mason University







The Chicago Latin American All-Stars were a different class







Hank Leung’s George Mason were a National Powerhouse in NCAA soccer and took the Women’s title.

1987.- Champions: Men’s Open – British All Stars Women’s Open – Diadora All Stars, DC





1988.- LPSC purchases a second carpet, and runs concurrent matches in the 1980 and the 1932 rink.The Men’s Over30 section debuts at the Indoor tournament.









Almost Home! – Dom Mescia of Riccardi’s celebrates his goal in the final versus Rochester United.

1989.- The Indoor tournament has risen to 52 teams. A Multi-media video introduced to Saturday evening bash to rave reviews-and becomes a tournament mainstay.







“The parade was really taking off” Champions:  Men’s Open – Hermes/Café Dinos / Men’s Over 30 – Farmingdale Stars, NY Montreal Women’s Open – Dorval, Montreal

1990.- Champions:  Men’s Open – Riccardi’s, Ontario Men’s Over 30 – Team Lapine, NYWomen’s Open – Loren Atlantic, MA




Team Lapine took the over-30 Men’s crown with a veritable team of all-starts BACK L-R: Felix Lapine, Steve Teremy, Larry Carr, Jerry Carr, George Gibbs, Joe Horvath, Mark Ledecchio, Bob Greenslate, Steve Russell, Andy Weralt, Bob Johnson, George Stefaux, Billy Giuther FRONT: Pete Capour, Fernando Metidieri, Carlos Metidieri, Willi Steinrotter, Pat Ercoli, Memo Droemoller









MVP Pat Ercoli
Men’s over 30 tournament MVP Pat Ercoli, a former MVP of the MISL with Baltimore Blast, celebrates his 13th goal of the tournament.  Pat is now General Manager of the MSL-bound Rochester Rhinos.







Women’schampions – Loren Atlantic

1991.- Champions: Men’s Open – Team Chile, VA  Men’s Over 30 – Teuchter’s, PA Women’s Open – Loren Atlantic, MA

1992.- Soccer America sponsor the Indoor Tournament creating the distinctive quarter moon  and soccer ball insignia and adding to the name the popular “Dawn to Dark” festival, which captures the fact that soccer action goes from early morning to late at night.












Brentwood took the Women’s  Over-30 title




The CT All-Stars were the  Men’s champions

1993.- Champions:
Men’s Open – San Diego Blaze / Women’s Open – sadida / Men’s Over 30’s – NY Albanians
Women’s Over 30’s – Charlies Angels / Men’s Over 40’s – Coliseum







Soccer America cover 1993







Anson Dorrance talks to the St. Lawrence Women’s team







Coach Felix Lapine accepts the Men’s Open trophy from Publisher of Soccer America – Lynn Berling-Manuel.






North American U94 took the over-30 title

1994.- Admiral supply soccer wear for indoor tourney. A Youth division is trialed at the D2D

Men’s Open – Ararat, NJ / Men’s Over 30 – Still Lapine, NY
Women’s Open – Soccer Store, NJ / Coed Division – Placid Rangers, NY.







Tournament Director Alf Galustian with Head of the Referees Rheinhold Spath

1995.- D2D now hosts 75 teams and over 1200 players Men’s over- 40 section starts at indoor tournament

Men’s Open – Zalgiris, MA /Men’s Over 30 – North American U94, NY
Men’s Over 40 – Club Fit, NY / Women’s Open – Albany Warriors, NY
Coed Division – Brine, MA







Club Fit from Mahopec, Long Island took the first Over-40 section of the Dawn-to-Dark.

1996.- Champions:
Men’s Open – Lapine, Rochester, NY / Men’s Over 30 – Coliseum, Utica, NY
Men’s Over 40 – Coliseum, Utica, NY
Women’s Open – Sadida, MA / Coed Division – Brine, MA








Brine took the Coed championship

The Player Pool starts for D2D tournament – players with out a team enter a dispersal draft as visiting teams who need to pick up a player to round out their rosters.The tournament trials an 14 & under, 12 and under division Dema Kovolenko (Lapine) was MVP – he now plies his trade in the MLS with the Chicago Fire

1997.- Women’s over 30 section added at D2D tourney







The fun side of the tourney always comes out in the parade

Men’s Open – All-Stars, CT / Men’s Over 30 – Ararat, NY
Men’s Over 40 – North American / Women’s Open – Ottawa Nepean, Ontario
Women’s Over 30 – Brentwood Survivors / Coed Division – Brine, MA

1998.- Brine/Hilfiger sponsor the D2D tourney.







The Psychedelic Emporium took the parade prize this year!





The tournament is dedicated to Bobby Preston, a local sportsman who tragically died this year.

Men’s Open – All-Stars, CT / Men’s Over 30 – Corinthian Casuals, England
Men’s Over 40 – Headstart, NYC, NY / Women’s Open – Sadida, MA
Women’s Over 30 – Loren Atlantic, MA / Coed Division – Sadida, MA

1999.- Champions:
Men’s Open – Mitchell’s, Westport, CT / Men’s Over 30 – Coliseum, Utica, NY
Men’s Over 40 – Coliseum, Utica, NY / Women’s Open – Sadida, MA
Women’s Over 30 – South Shore, MA / Coed Division – Sadida, MA








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