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We believe that team systems and tactics are important but they cannot fully compensate for poor control, inaccurate passing or other technical weaknesses. Ultimately, team organization is only as effective as the individual players in it.

Our Philosophy is based on the premise that the game consists of sequences of play between 2, 3 and sometimes 4 players, in various parts of the field, and that Team Success is determined by player performances in these exchanges.
Consequently, Coerver® Coaching focuses on improving individual and small group play in these sequences especially in the formative years.
Learn firsthand through LPSC clinic direct participation in drills, skills, small-sided games including season long and daily practice planning ideas. Discover how to combine fun elements in the design of your personal soccer coaching program so players progress all season.

Regarded as the #1 soccer individual skills teaching program
The Coerver® Coaching Method, regarded as the world’s #1 soccer individual skills teaching program is now available in your community in New York State and New England. The Lake Placid Soccer Centre is New York’s only Coerver® Licensee.

Lake Placid Soccer Centre, started 1976 is a soccer education and promotion company will conduct a full day camp program for your community, club, association or school.

Get your own Coerver Coaching Youth Coaches Diploma COST is $375 per person with room & board available at St. Lawrence University

Top quality proven program, years of experience, access to international staff and a full menu of options including:
Two nights lodging
Five Meals
Addidas shirt/DVD of Coerver Coaching materials and LPSC coaching handout.
Coaching Problems and Solutions

* Problem: Overloading (Time Management)
* Solution: Include Exercises that have variations
* Problem: Clarity for Future Reference
* Solution: Complete considering you need for future reference
* Problem: Changes during Practice for future reference
* Solution: Make any changes during breaks
* Problem: No Progress,No Fun
* Solution: Make Plan Age & LEVEL appropriate

On Field Presentation
Coaching Position.
* “Hear& See” Rule
* Explanation:Static
* Analysis:Mobile
* Level
* Commentating
* Correct “Picture”
* Simple, Short, Clear
* Don’t send away till ALL instructions done
* Dialogue with kids
* Never good enough