Mighty Mites

SLU 2024 22 -27 JULY Lake Placid 15-19 JULY and 12 – 16 AUGUST

Half day program 9:00AM – NOON
Mighty Mites program develops a proven athletic motor skills; a first touch and ball sense to last a lifetime.
Size, age and sex are relatively unimportant to the playing of soccer. Soccer is a game of fundamentals. We teach these fundamentals through a unique skills instruction format and daily plan that provides a solid foundation for each player to utilize in order to improve their individual overall performance on the field. It is our belief that the emphasizing of individual player confidence will translate into improved play in tactical and match situations.

Our Mighty Mite program, a day program for youngsters from 5 to 8 years old, has received rave reviews from kids and parents for its emphasis on fun and fundamentals. Counselors use the Coerver® Method – specially adapted for younger boys and girls – to build the skills that will allow them to enjoy soccer for the rest of their lives. Last years Mighty Mites amazed their parents and older campers with moves they had learned in the week long program.