Kristine Lilly guest appearance 20-21-22-23 at St Lawrence University


Kristine was a member of the United States women’s national soccer team for 24 years. She is the most capped men or women soccer player in the history of the sport, gaining her 352nd and final cap against Mexico in a World Cup qualifier in November 2010. Kristine played in 5 FIFA World Cup Finals, winning two World Championships. She also played in 3 Olympics, winning the gold medal twice. She is a Herman trophy recipient & won 4 NCAA National Championships at the University of North Carolina.


  • Makes the game fun to practice and play
  • Develops individual and small group skills applicable anywhere on the field
  • Develops ball touch and control, coordination and flexibility
  • Encourages a positive, attacking style
  • Improves reaction speed with and without the ball
  • Encourages good sportsmanship and respect for all
  • Develops self-esteem and self confidence