Lake Placid Soccer Centre

Over 40 Years of Soccer Experience

Lake Placid

The small village of Lake Placid has twice hosted the Winter Olympic Games in 1932 & 1980. Lake Placid is also the home to the Eastern USOC Training Center. There is a receptive atmosphere for athletes and sport in the Olympic Region. L.P.S.C. has developed soccer, the world’s most popular sport, in the Adirondack Region and sometimes we refer to the center as a “soccer oasis” in the middle of a soccer desert! Each year between 4,000 – 5,000 soccer visitors travel from all over North America to experience football magic in the heart of the great.
Adirondack National Park


  • Dawn to Dark 1982-2004

  • LAKE PLACID Day Camp @ The Lake Placid Horse Showgrounds.

  • PO Box 847 Lake Placid, NY